Bike Experience helps people to take up cycling for a trial period of two weeks. During training sessions, free of charge, the Coaches, who are experienced cyclists accompany the Bikers, who are new to cycling altogether or new to cycling in Brussels, on some of their daily routes

You know how to ride a bike and would love to cycle in Brussels? Find an experienced cyclist to accompany you and help you find the best routes!


You are an experienced cyclist? Cycling around in Brussels feels completely natural to you? Accompany a future cyclist on their journeys in the city!


3 reasons to join Bike Experience

Biker? Learn to conquer Brussels by bike with the help of a pro. Your Coach with advise you about one of your daily routes, and ride with you. You do not own a bike? Borrow one for free at Pro Velo or Villo!

Coach? Receive professional training to be the perfect coach.

You cover five kilometers in less than twenty minutes! If you start to use a bike for one of your daily routes, you will easily get 30 minutes of exercise per day without even noticing it. You may even earn some pocket money: some employers pay 22 cents per km to those who commute by bike.

80% of Bikers continue cycling after their Bike Experience and 40% go on to convince their friends and family to start cycling, simply because it is such good fun, and efficient. By cycling in the city you show that alternative modes of transport exist!

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