Move with a smile. Ride a bicycle

Learning how to ride a bike in the city? Gaining confidence in traffic? Riding in complete serenity? It's possible! Our team is here to help you.

To begin...

Participate to the Afterwork of your choice.

Our monthly afterworks allow you to progress at your own pace, according to your needs, desires and lifestyle.
It's simple and free :)

Not sure?

It's complicated, you don't have a bike?

There's an easy fix! We'll lend you a bike for the training. You can even borrow a classic bike or to rent an electric-assisted or folding bike for a fortnight at a preferential rate.

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To go further...

Get your own personal coach

Want some more? A volunteer experienced cyclist is available to accompany you over three return trips on the route of your choice, to and from work for example.

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Quarterly, Bike Experience news in your box.

Biker's words

Once you get over the fear of riding in a city, it’s hard to go without that wonderful sense of freedom! Cycling is a remarkable way to commute!

Latest articles


Bike Experience participe à l’édition 2022 du salon Bike Brussels

18 March 2022

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Le salon du vélo et de la mobilité active se tiendra du 25 au 27 mars à la Gare Maritime de Tour & Taxis. Venez découvrir et participer à des conférences et animations à notre stand !

Grâce à Bike Experience & Pro Velo téléchargez vos tickets gratuits en entrant le code promotionnel BBPV22 sur cette page.

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The cargo bike: the family travel tool

04 June 2021

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Originally used by the post office to deliver mail, or by shopkeepers to deliver groceries, cargo bikes are now enjoying renewed interest from families. They are no longer just bikes with a front trailer used by butchers or bakers, but also bikes that allow families to travel together, especially in cities that have more and more infrastructure and cycle lanes dedicated to cyclists.

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