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Do you want to overcome your fear of traffic and learn how to cruise through the city like a pro? Bike Experience will help you do just that!

Sign up for our easy and free two-step programme and you'll find your rhythm in no time!

Step 1

Join a Bike Experience after-work

A short training session to review best practices in urban cycling together, followed by a ride through the streets of Brussels. We’ll end the evening with a drink, for an opportunity to get to know each other better and - why not - find your own personal coach.

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Step 2

Your own personal coach

Did you like it? A volunteer, experienced cyclist is available to accompany you throughout three return trips on the route of your choice, to and from work for example.

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It's complicated, you don’t have a bike? Hey, no problem! We’ll lend you a bike for the duration of the training.

Once you’ve completed the Afterwork Bike Experience training, you can also borrow a bike for free or rent an electric or folding for two weeks at a discounted price.

It's too soon? You don’t feel comfortable heading straight onto the streets of Brussels? We've all been there, which is why we’ve designed a beginner’s course to get you going.

You can even ride and not get tired. The electric bike is both smart and easy. Try for yourself at the next Electric Bike Tasting.

Biker's words

If you want to get around these days, cycling is much quicker than driving. E-bikes are easiest for me and help me to make the transition. And then there’s the time aspect of course - my journey now takes less time

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