You know how to ride a bike, but you are afraid to cycle by yourself in the Brussels traffic? Would you like to receive coaching from an experienced cyclist? You can! Participate in Bike Experience for free and you will not be disappointed.

1. Join the Biker community!

2. Take the basic training

Choose a training date from the list and borrow a city bike for free at Pro Velo. Meet other Bikers, get reminded about traffic rules, practise first in a safe area and after that, with the help of a professional, in traffic. Boost your self-confidence and your insights into the rights and obligations of cyclists in traffic!
You must participate to this training session before you can use the Search function to find a Coach.

3. Choose your Coach

You have registered and received the basic training... Time to team up with a Coach!

4. Prepare your Bike Experience weeks

You have your own bicycle? Great! Make sure to check that everything works well before you go out cycling.
You do not have a bike yet? Borrow one from neighbours, friends, or family. Or rent one at a Villo station or borrow one for free at Pro Velo. Pro Velo also has foldable bikes, electric bikes and transport bikes for rent, at a reduced rate. If you want to borrow a Pro Velo bike, you have to pay a deposit of 150 euros (cash), which will be paid back at the end of the Bike Experience. Terms and conditions.

5. And off we go …

Have you fixed a date and time for your first meeting with your Coach? Get started on your two weeks' Bike Experience! You will ride your route, both ways, three times with your Coach, so that after that you can use the personalised tips and tricks for your itinerary.

6. Share your experience!

Evaluate the work of your Coach and share!


You are an experienced cyclist in Brussels and would be happy to help a newbie get started? Not only because you are such a kind person, but also because you would like to see less car mobility in the city? Free up some of your time for this unique and effective modal shift campaign for Brussels! Share your passion for cycling and help your fellow citizens discover the benefits!

1. Join the Coach community!

2. Take the training for Coaches

Have you taken the training already? Move on to step 3!
Contents of the training: your role as a Coach, traffic rules, tips and tricks to accompany a newcomer on their bike. The training takes 2,5 hours, at Pro Velo, in a motivating environment.
You must participate in this training before you can use the Search function to find a Biker.

3. Find a Biker!

You have registered and attended the training course for Coaches... Time to team up with a Biker!

4. And off we go …

Have you fixed a date and time for your first meeting with your Biker? Get started with the three accompanied test rides of their route. Enjoy your Bike Experience!

5. Share your experience!

Evaluate the progress of your Biker and share!