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5 reasons to ride a bike

01 March 2018

If you’re still in doubt over the benefits of urban cycling, here's a little reminder: 5 reasons to ride your bike. It’s economical, healthy, safe, fast and the Bike Experience team is there for you. 

1. It's economical
Compared to public transport season tickets (499 €/year) and the cost of running a car (6643 €/year), your two-wheeler will only cost you an average of 135 € per year. It’s simple maths!

2. It's healthy
Avoid the gym, get some fresh air and tone those legs, all the while giving yourself a cardio workout. 30 minutes of exercise a day? With a bike it’s easy!

3. It's safe
Safety is what puts most people off, but think again. A suitable itinerary, a good understanding of the highway code, the right equipment and common courtesy – the finest ingredients that go into making your journey safer.

4. It's fast
You’ll quickly grasp the wonderful feeling you get when overtaking queues of cars. What’s more, with cycling you can always be sure of your journey time. No more delays!

5. The Bike Experience team is there for you.
Still not convinced? With Bike Experience, you’ve everything you need to get started, so no excuses ;-)

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