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We bike, we like!

17 April 2018

Did you already experience the Bike Experience? Did you drop by on one of our after-works, or did you already match with a bike partner in crime? Share your experiences! You are bicycling’s best ambassadors.

I have been cycling for a month now. I signed up for Bike Experience to be coupled with a Coach who would help me explore areas of Brussels that I’d only seen from inside my car. Thanks to Bike Experience, I received support from professionals who know the city very well. It used to take me up to 45 minutes to drive to work, and generally I’d arrive terribly nervous. Now it takes me about 10 minutes, and when I arrive I’m always full of energy!

Do as Sylvie does – and share your Bike Experience! This is the most effective way to help almost-cyclists in the saddle. How? On social media by using the hashtags #BikeExperience and #WeBikeWeLike, by sending us an email, or by completing our review form.

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