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The system is organised in such a way that you can find a suitable Coach or Biker without any worries.

Here you will see a summary of your Bike Experience: profile, progress, status of your Biker-Coach duo, labels, …

Team up

You have taken the basic training for Bikers or the training for Coaches? Invite a Biker/Coach by clicking in your public profile on 'Form a duo'. A message will be sent to the respective Biker(s)/Coach(es). The duo is now 'waiting for approval’.

As soon as your invitation is accepted, your dashboard will show 'waiting to be confirmed'. Now it is your turn to accept the proposal, by using the editing tool in the dashboard (next to the title ''Your requested duos'').A Biker can send three invitations to Coaches simultaneously. As soon as one of the requests has been accepted, the Biker can send no further requests and the other requests will be automatically deleted.

A Coach cannot get in touch with Bikers that have a 'waiting to be confirmed' status with other Coaches.

During any Bike Experience term of two weeks, Coaches accompany their Biker on three trips, there and back. The Biker must make sure the three accompanied rides can take place within those two weeks. We count on both of you to make good use of the two weeks and share as many experiences and tips and tricks as possible.

When the three joint rides have taken place, we ask you to manually change the status of your duo to 'Finished', by using the editing tool in the dashboard (next to the title ''Your requested duos''). A 'finished duo' is finished for both the Biker and the Coach.

It is also possible to cancel the teaming up of a duo at any time, by clicking on the x in the zone ''Your requested duos'' in the dashboard. The relevant Biker/Coach will be informed automatically.

Rent a bike

If you need a bike, as a Biker who has passed the basic training and now wants to embark on two weeks of Bike Experience, click on 'Borrow a bike' in ''Your requested duos''. Here you can book a bike for free from Pro Velo (subject to availability) or test a Villo. Pro Velo also has foldable bikes, electric bikes and transport bikes for rent, with a discount for Bike Experience participants. Consult the terms and conditions.

For the basic training for Bikers, too, you can borrow a Pro Velo bike for free (subject to availability).


The progress tool is a timeline indicating the most important phases during your Bike Experience.

A Coach who has accompanied various Bikers will see the corresponding number next to the medal indicating the successful ending of a duo cooperation


Add personal labels to your profile:



Sign the Bike Experience charter to show that you have the Bike Experience spirit: you will behave in a polite and cordial manner, respect agreed meeting dates and times, use a bike that is functioning well, … You can sign the Charter in your Profile and/or the dashboard.


After each duo ride, Bikers can evaluate their Coaches. You can boost your Coaches' reputation! You can also signal any inappropriate behaviour.

For more information

Consult the Guidebook for Bikers and Coaches on this page. Once you’ve registered for training as a Biker or Coach, you will find the confirmation of the date, place and time of the training here.

In order to find the ideal Biker/Coach, it is important to have a profile that is as complete as possible.
Add personal information to your profile upon registration or later via dashboard and Public profile.

Tip: always add a picture: this will make your profile more attractive.

Your public profile contains a selection of your data, with due regard to your privacy.
Bikers/Coaches who try to team up in a duo, can have a look at your profile and react by using various functions:

  • ‘Form a duo’: this will automatically prompt a message to the Biker/Coach in question and start the procedure to form a duo;
  • ‘Send a message’: this will open a window to send a message;
  • ‘Evaluation’: this is where Bikers can evaluate their Coaches at the end of their joint Bike Experience.

Bikers prepare for their first cycle rides in traffic; Coaches learn how to help Bikers. Training is organised in small groups, in a safe environment, and led by a professional.

In order to access the Search tool to find a Biker/Coach, it is mandatory to take the training first. Have a look at the training dates and register. The training will take around 3 hours and takes place in the evenings or on Saturdays.

If you cannot participate in the training after all, change the date of your training online, at least 48 hours before the planned date. For changes at shorter notice, email

You are a Coach and have passed the training during a previous edition of Bike Experience? Let us know via

You are Biker but do not own a bike? Book one for free by clicking on ‘Borrow a bicycle’ (general conditions for bike rental).

Once you've finished your training, you can form a duo with the help of the Search tool for Bikers/Coaches. Enter a name or a route. No hits? Change the suggested route, or try again a couple of days later.

Send private messages to other Coaches and Bikers via the internal mailbox in your personal profile. This is also where you will receive information and messages from the Bike Experience team.