Electric Bike

The good habit that is cycling in the city

Learn how to cruise through Brussels with complete peace of mind by following our training. Go on the road with the guidance of our experts, and discover the pleasure of cycling in Brussels.

Take part in our theoretical and practical training sessions from 2 till 5 pm and try out an e-bike on the streets of Brussels. Afterwards, Bike Experience will be holding a free-of-charge conference between 5:30 and 7 pm focussing on electric bikes or e-bikes! An expert introduces the various models on today’s market and talks about the advantages of electric cycling. Tips & tricks abound, and, of course, you’ll also have ample opportunity to extensively test-drive!

Don’t forget...

  • Your good cheer and child-like curiosity
  • Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly.
  • Invite your friends, colleagues or families. All are welcome!
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Biker's words

Even though I cycle quite regularly, I was still interested to see what this training could teach me and I was really surprised! I have learned a lot and have also gained in self-confidence... and awareness. It was a very positive experience and I would thoroughly recommend it, both for occasional and regular cyclists. And as the icing on the cake you get a bit of equipment for your bike and the option to rent a bike for free for 2 weeks. This offers a real boost to both beginners and advanced cyclists.


What is referring?

By taking part in referring, you invite someone or are invited to one of our Bike Experience events. The winning pair will win one of our many bike prizes!

How does it work?

  • Being a referrer: Invite as many referees as possible to take part in one of our Bike Experience Afterworks. When they register on our website, tell them to mention your name in the related field.
  • If you come to a Bike Experience after being recommended by your referrer, let us know when you register!

At every event, a winning pair will be selected. The pair is composed of the:

Who can take part?

The referrer: any person who has already taken part in a Bike Experience event or registered for a future event.

The referee: any person who wants to register for a Bike Experience event.

How are the random draw and this competition organised?

The random draw will take place during the drinks portion of Bike Experience events.

The competition is organised based on the GDPR data protection rules. The data remains confidential, except during the announcing of the results when the randomly drawn referee will be announced aloud.


Who can participate in Bike Experience?

Bike Experience is open to anyone aged 18 years or over, who knows how to ride a bike (i.e. can at least keep their balance and ride in a straight line) and wants to use it to get around Brussels.

I have already completed Coach/Biker training from a previous edition. Do I need to do it again?

No, in this case there’s no need to retrain. Contact us to be paired up with a buddy by email: info@bikeexperience.brussels or phone 02 318 84 07.