Interview with cycling ambassador La nomade sédentaire

03 September 2020

Katia, a.k.a. La nomade sédentaire, has been cycling since she was a little girl. She lived in a small Flemish village, about twenty kilometres from Brussels, and was very used to travelling by bike. When she came to live in the capital at the age of 20, however, she started using her car “as adults do”. Then one day, while stuck in traffic, she saw how easily cyclists were able to overtake her and avoid the traffic. This experience reminded her of the benefits of cycling in the city and encouraged her to take up her old cycling habits again.

Bike Experience met up with her at the Tandem cafe to get to know her and talk about bikes!

Today, Katia has a very special role within the cycling community of Brussels. She shares her cycling adventures on her blog, La Nomade sédentaire, her Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. By doing this, she aims to highlight positive experiences, debunk a few cycling myths and prove that everyone can travel by bike. She also uses her previous driving experience to put different road users’ points of view into perspective, for example by means of videos showing different scenarios on the roads of Brussels.

Every second Friday of the month, she also joins the Socquettes en Titane team for a programme on Brussels radio entirely dedicated to the subject of cycling. Joining her are other iconic personas from Brussels, such as MelowVelo. Together with host Clément Soupart, they bring you the latest cycling news from Radio Campus Brussels.

Katia gets in the saddle at every given opportunity to explore Brussels and its surroundings. She loves going on long bike rides hunting for local beauty spots. The former backpacker and globetrotter is convinced that Belgium hides a plethora of hidden treasures. That is why she loves travelling through Belgium by bike. And she tells you all about her most beautiful adventure in the latest Bike Experience interview.

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