Interview with Esma, a regular biker and coach-in-the-making!

03 September 2018

After attending Pro Velo’s beginner’s course, Esma decided to continue her Bike Experience adventure, in order to feel more at ease in traffic.

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Esma. I started cycling again 4 weeks ago. I hadn’t been on a bike for over 15 years. I think I was 10 when I last rode a bike. Recently, I attended the Pro Velo training course. It took place on 4 Saturdays, and I just kept going from there, I’m not yet used to cycling in traffic, and I therefore signed up for Bike Experience in order to build confidence.

In what context do you ride your bike?

I cycle 8 km a day. The aim is to exercise, because I only work 4 km from my home.

What kind of bike do you use, and what, for you, are the advantages of riding a bike in the city?

I bought a traditional bicycle and try to make less use of the car, because in it I only spend time in traffic jams. In terms of speed and constraints, the bike outruns public transport. The advantage of leaving your car in the garage? It's more ecologically-friendly, because every car less which is not on the road is a small contribution! But for me, the main objective remains to just commute by bike.

How did you come to know Bike Experience, and why didn’t you take this step earlier?

I didn’t know about Pro Velo until I started searching for bycicle starter classes. I became aware of them through the courses. In turn, they made me aware of Bike Experience. At first I didn’t dare join, but at some stage you just have to take the time to sign up and then you’re on your way!

What has Bike Experience to offer to you?

Support in getting used to traffic, because it’s easier when there’s somebody there with you, and, above all, motivation!

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