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The cargo bike: the family travel tool

04 June 2021

Originally used by the post office to deliver mail, or by shopkeepers to deliver groceries, cargo bikes are now enjoying renewed interest from families. They are no longer just bikes with a front trailer used by butchers or bakers, but also bikes that allow families to travel together, especially in cities that have more and more infrastructure and cycle lanes dedicated to cyclists.

The main advantage is that the cargo bike is eco-friendly: no CO2 emissions are generated by this type of bike. In addition, by taking advantage of cycle paths and weaving in and out of cars, you can finish a 5 km journey faster than by car or on public transport. This way you can avoid rush hour traffic. Finally, you can carry a load of up to 300 kg (children, shopping...) while keeping its contents protected from bad weather (rain, wind...). If you are with your children, it can be a fun time for chatting, joking and singing!

Advantages of cargo bikes for families...

The cargo bike is very popular because it allows you to combine family life with cycling. Some models can carry up to 4 children and 300 kg simultaneously. You can also put your pet in it to go to the park or out of town for an oxygenating walk.

Accessories for cargo bikes make this means of transport very comfortable for children. You can add waterproof protection or adapt home-made materials. This way, you can drop your children off at their day-care centre without worrying about bad weather. Nowadays, cargo bikes are designed to ensure optimum safety for children (safety belts, various types of protection, wide stand to ensure the stability of the bike, etc.).

And for women

In the end, there is very little difference between riding a traditional bike and a cargo bike, which is easy to use, even if, like any new habit, you’ll have to acquire new reflexes. The development of specific motors for cargo bikes makes it possible to start off smoothly and to cope with uneven terrain, even when carrying a load. You don't need to be in top physical condition to get on the saddle.

And just like a normal bike, whether you have a classic cargo bike or an electrically assisted bike, you are still putting in the effort and your body will thank you for it. You will notice the beneficial effects on your health after only a few weeks of use.

On the way back from the shops, it's handy to have a cargo bike to store your shopping bags in. You also don't need a driving licence to take a cargo bike on the road.

So, tempted to experience it for yourself?

On 13 June from 2 pm to 4 pm, Bike Experience is organising a conference on the theme of cargo bikes for families. If you have no longer have any doubts about the benefits of cargo bikes, register for the event and learn more about the different types of models (some of which you can even test out). Here is the link to the registration form and additional information.

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