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Bike takes centre stage during lockdown

02 July 2020

The recent health crisis has made us more aware of the importance of daily physical exercise and, as a result, bikes have been on the rise. In 2020 bikes have an indisputable advantage over public transport, as they help us to maintain social distancing. Travelling by bike makes it easier to automatically keep our distance from other commuters.

And in addition to the above, urban bike riding offers a long list of other benefits too!

  • Exercise for a healthy body and mind - bike riding offers all that and more! Just 30 minutes or 10 km a day helps you improve your physical and mental well-being. Exercise also increases your stress resistance and physical stamina. And let’s not forget that bike riding supplies our lungs and brain with essential oxygen. A healthy mind in a healthy body.
  • Avoid traffic jams and the stress that goes with them. When travelling by bike, you can choose your own itinerary in function of your needs. You can choose a nicer route, for instance, with less traffic. Brussels can be unchartered territory in that respect. There are plenty of lovely trajectories to choose from, including green cycling routes or a ride through one of the many parks. If you want to discover new routes, we’ll have maps of regional cycling routes available during our next Afterworks Bike Experience.
  • Free to follow your own rhythm. If you travel by bike, you can leave at a time of your choosing and still get to your destination on time. Planning and adapting your route to your own needs means you’ll encounter fewer surprises on the way. You’ll also save precious time that you can then spend doing other activities you enjoy or seeing the people you love. We at Bike Experience love having a cup of coffee before starting the working day, for example.
  • Travelling by bike - an ecological no-brainer. Biking is good for the planet! If you choose to travel by bike, you can considerably improve your carbon footprint. As bikes are an active mode of transport, all energy used comes directly from your legs. In other words, travelling requires a physical effort. The fact that there have been fewer cars on the road during lockdown has had a significant impact on the air quality in Brussels. Wouldn’t it make sense to keep moving in the same direction?
  • Bikes are a cost-effective mode of transport. Bike-riding costs considerably less than other modes of transport. You don’t need a tank full of petrol and you’re not dependent on machinery. This will improve your economic situation, which is a benefit not to be scoffed at during a crisis. It won’t just help you save money, however, but also time!
  • Family bike rides offer your children a different view of our beautiful capital! And this is easier than it sounds! There are plenty of family bikes available and equipment that can be added to your bike to carry children. Bike riding with little ones offers them a better quality of life too. And when you learn how to ride a bike, you learn for life. Just think of the saying “It’s just like riding a bike”.

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