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Brussels Bike Observatory 2017

02 March 2018

The people of Brussels still devoted to cycling in 2017! 

As is the case every year, Pro Velo scientifically counted cyclists on the roads of Brussels. This within the framework of the Brussels Bike Observatory, at the request of the regional government. Figures show that, following the 2016 boom in bike traffic (+ 30%), growth plateaus in 2017. This is considered good news, as people who climbed in the saddle in 2015-2016, continue to use their bicycle – even in winter time! What will happen in 2018...? ;-)

Read the full report (in French and Dutch only):

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Positively insult cyclists!

22 January 2019

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“It is not always easy to cycle in Brussels and cyclists are often less respected. With this campaign, Brussels Mobility delivers a message to other road users: you can always insult cyclists, but insult them for what they do well,” explained the regional mobility operator. ”

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