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Retour sur Bike Experience spéciale Vélo Cargo à destination des familles

28 October 2020

Cargo bikes are increasingly popular! The reason is simple - they are an easy way to transport your children from one end of Brussels to the other. But did you know you can choose between different models, depending on your budget and requirements?

The ‘longtail’, for example, accommodates one or even two children at the back of your bike. It is a longer, but also very sturdy model. Cargo bikes are the best bikes to transport heavy loads. They allow you to carry several children, your personal belongings and other objects.

At the cargo bikes for families event on Saturday 10 October, you discovered the different types of cargo bikes that are currently on the market. Thomas, our cargo bike expert at Pro Velo, explained the technical and practical aspects in more detail to help you get the information you need to buy the cargo bike that suits you best.

Afterwards, you were given the opportunity to try out the different models offered by our partners Bike Your City, Au Guidon vert and Bike Avenue.

Check out our YouTube page for the aftermath of this successful meeting.

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