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Testimony: Florence shares her bike experience

20 August 2020

Florence Tornincasa is a traveller and adventurer. She has travelled through a lot of countries, often on foot, and recounts her adventures in her blog Reporter of the World. In everyday life she is very environmentally conscious and recently wanted to start cycling and ‘travelling differently’.

As Bike Experience shares many of her values, we met up with her and asked her to take part in one of our ‘afterworks’. And we were happy to welcome her on the 8th of July for our training session Au Bassin.

Florence is more confident on the road these days. She finds it a lot easier to execute basic safety elements such as indicating with your arms, positioning at a roundabout and how to travel through a one-way street. With just a little more practice, Florence will be ready to go on longer bike rides.

“Even though I cycle quite regularly, I was still interested to see what this training could teach me and I was really surprised! I have learned a lot and have also gained in self-confidence... and awareness. It was a very positive experience and I would thoroughly recommend it, both for occasional and regular cyclists. And as the icing on the cake you get a bit of equipment for your bike and the option to rent a bike for free for 2 weeks. This offers a real boost to both beginners and advanced cyclists.”

Read her testimony on her blog for inspiration.

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