We meet up with Soraya, ex-biker turned coach !

30 May 2018

Soraya moved to Brussels not too long ago. She has been cycling the city daily for 2 years now. The Bike Experience Biker training gave her the boost she needed to start cycling in Brussels, and now she wants to share her passion with as many people as possible.

How did you get about before you started cycling, and why did you switch?

Before, I mainly took public transportation. Now, I bike because it offers a lot more freedom, and I can reach certain places a lot more easily. It is also more ecological and better for my health. Two years ago, when I had just bought my bike, I participated in the Biker training course as I thought it might be interesting to learn the rules of the road, get to know all the signs, and receive some tips to better understand cycling in Brussels.

Today, I’d like to give back to other people who want to get started. One day I hope to see more bikes than cars on the road.

How did you find out about Pro Velo and the Bike Experience project?

It's been quite a long time actually... I think I was just passing through rue de Londres – I do not live very far -, noticed the name "Pro Velo", and decided to check it out. I had just bought my bike and was looking for help to get me started.

What are your motivations as Coach?

To help people who do not yet feel safe enough to cycle the city. I know quite a lot of people who do not use their bikes because they do not feel sufficiently comfortable in city traffic. I want to serve as an example to encourage others to get on their bikes as well.

As Coach, what does Bike Experience offer you?

To master the rules of the road and to acquire teaching methods to transmit my passion.

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