Bike coaching


Together is better

At first, it's reassuring to have someone by your side.

Did you enjoy the training session? You feel like cycling in the city can be done. We recommend you be "coached" by a volunteer, experienced cyclist. They can accompany you on three round trips. If you think it might be for you, we’ll pair you up at the end of the training session. You can then decide on the best times and routes to get going with together.

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Are you a seasoned cyclist?

The Montgomery roundabout or the Yser crossroads hold no secrets for you anymore. You travel across town whatever the weather. Would you like to see more bikes in town? We’d love to have you share your experience!

How to become a coach?

1. Training: Join us for a short training course and get invaluable tips for coaching a novice cyclist.

2. Afterwork Bike Experience: Join an afterwork, coach a group led by our instructors and meet the bikers over a drink. If you like, you can cycle home together with a novice cyclist after the event.

3. Coaching: Take a cyclist under your wing and accompany him or her on some return journeys in Brussels. And if you like it, you can do this as much as you want!

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coach's words

My bicycle rarely fails me. It allows me to be on time to my appointments much more than car or public transport do. I commute by bike every day. I coach others to encourage people to find alternative means of transport and reinvent the city.


Are coaches paid?

No, coaches are volunteers. Each has his/her own personal reasons for volunteering, but mostly they are experienced cyclists who want to share their passion for cycling.

I have already completed Coach/Biker training from a previous edition. Do I need to do it again?

No, in this case there’s no need to retrain. Contact us to be paired up with a buddy by email: or phone 02 318 84 07.

Can a coach be paired up with and accompany several Bikers?

Yes, however, we ask coaches to accompany one biker at a time. This ensures quality supervision. Once supervision is over, you can offer to supervise a new Biker.