Interview with the Bike Experience 2021 Ambassador

18 May 2021

Florence was born in Liège but adopted Brussels as her home. Since arriving in the capital she has started to enjoy cycling again. It is mainly thanks to her training with Bike Experience that she feels more at ease cycling with traffic. In her blog 'Reporter on the Road', she tells of her adventures and for some time now... she has been discussing cycling!

Since taking part in Bike Experience a year ago Florence has really become aware of the importance of knowing the Highway Code as a cyclist. "I went to an afterwork with Bike Experience and I learnt so many things. I honestly thought I knew everything before. I thought, 'I've been cycling for months' and in fact I was surprised by how much I learnt. So it's also made me more confident. "

From the day after her training she saw a difference in her cycling because she felt a lot more at ease around traffic. She has even invested in her own bike which she uses regularly on outings such as the promenade verte. Her favourite memory by bike: seeing cherry trees in bloom along the streets of Brussels during the first few days of spring. It's the feeling of freedom, of being able to get around as she wants and enjoying the sights.

Now Florence will tell anyone who listens that the best way to get started is to not be scared and give it a go!

"You get on your bike and off you go. Cycling isn't hard! The Highway Code and all the signs that explain where you go in relation to traffic and pedestrians (…) You feel much more at ease when you have all the knowledge and recognise the signs you see. And that you know where to go in relation to traffic."

Watch the interview with Florence on our YouTube channel! And read the article "Se déplacer en ville à vélo".

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